Oil and gas production comes with reservoir elements which cling to the pipe systems. Gradually, these deposits will clog the production lines and eventually choke production. You know what that means. It has to be cleaned.

Pipetech have developed the ultimate cleaning system for subsea pipelines. The Deep Water Cleaning System. A compact technological wonder, one that will set an entirely new worldwide standard for such cleaning operations.
 It is a field proven solution. It has already passed the test on the Norwegian continental shelf with flying colours. And the response from our customers? Amazing!

The Pipetech Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) comprises a range of topside and subsea equipment for performing the subsea scale removal. This high pressure water supply from topside is routed via a high-pressure downline to the DWCS and out through a nozzle at the end of a feeder hose. A subsea guide frame is used to locate the DWCS and thus secured the entry of the DWCS hose to enter the scaled up piping infrastructure.

The DWCS hose is marked and feedback is given from topside to enable control of orientation and insertion length. The DWCS hose then enters the pipe spool via a customized entry flange. The entry flange is designed so that it can be connected for an ROV controlled Subsea dredge. The DWCS is controlled by an ROV and operated from the control room. This means there is total control of the velocity of the hose and speed of revolution for the hose drum. All depending on the subsea piping infrastructure and composition of the scale. A special designed Subsea Nozzle will give sufficient power for an effective clean and ensuring safe and controlled removal of the debris.


  • The DWCS frame is designed according to DNV 2.7-3, TR1231 and DNV-RP-H103.
  • The frame accommodates a single point lift with a 12 metric tons’ shackle.
  • The design allows for a deployment through moon pool and/or by use of a crane from the side of the vessel.


  • Sea depth: 500m with topside High Pressure water supply (Optional up to 2500m)
  • Cleaning length: 90m (Optional up to 200m)
  • Cleaning speed: 1 foot per 2 minutes
  • High pressure water velocity 430 m/s
  • Can be operated in up to 4m wave heights


  • Removal of stuck pig/bullet
  • Opens up hydrates in place
  • Subsea pipelines cleaning
  • Subsea manifold cleaning
  • Alternative to scale squeeze