Aqua Sonic® is one of the safest, most environmentally friendly and highly effective cleaning methods available today. Using pressure pulses with water as a medium inside the tubes and pipes, Aqua Sonic® has many advantages over other scale removal techniques used around the world.

Aqua Sonic®

Aqua Sonic® is an effective method to clean pipes with a diameter up to 3-4”. There are no restrictions on the number of bends; several hundred meters can be cleaned in one stretch. A software application developed by Pipetech allows the operation to be performed automatically while you can report large amounts of information continuously. Safe operation is ensured by the fact that there are no personnel physically holding high pressure lances. All equipment is fitted to the inlet of the tube; deposits and water are transported to the other end/exit. At the tube exit deposits are safely collected, diverting deposits and water to a vessel and optionally to further transport by vacuum unit.


  • Efficient
    Faster cleaning than
    conventional methods
  • Quicker
    Greatly reduced downtime -
    positive impact on production time
  • Cost Effective
    Significant decrease in total job costs
  • Environmentally friendly
    Reduced environmental impact
  • Safe
    Safest of all available cleaning methods

Typical workscopes

  • Aqua Sonic® of 1.5" water feed line
  • Aqua Sonic® of a 2308 tubes U-bundle Heat Exchanger
  • Aqua Sonic® of Reject Lines
  • Aqua Sonic® of Transport Pipe
  • Aqua Sonic® of PE-tube (plastic)
  • Aqua Sonic® of a 1752 tube Heat Exchanger